Environment & sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about organisations making responsible decisions about their products and processes to reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

Businesses are expected to take the lead in environmental sustainability - they are considered to be the greatest contributors and able to make a big difference.

BM TRADA delivers a wide range of services to support businesses in their sustainability strategies.

Environment & energy management
The international community is increasingly focused on sustainability so, whatever your sector, the need for effective environmental management is vital for you to be competitive and to remain so. 

Environmental and energy management systems bring obvious business benefits - energy efficiency and cost savings, legal and regulatory compliance, and continued performance improvement. In most businesses, using quality management systems also impacts environmental sustainability through improved processes and productivity and reduced waste.

Physical environments
A major aspect of sustainability is the environments we build, live, work and socialise in. So whether you’re involved in construction, facilities management or simply operators of business premises you are affected by sustainability: from the sourcing of building materials to the performance of buildings their components and furnishings.

Local economies and business sustainability
Maintaining sustainable supply chains and verifying the chain of custody of products and raw materials is critical in today’s global market to ensure that supply can be sustained and the negative impacts of production minimised.

Many businesses depend on the supply of raw materials sourced from around the world. As demand for raw materials used in every day products increases so does the pressure on supply. These pressures threaten the long term sustainability of supply, as well as the natural environments, local economies and cultures in the regions involved in their production or sourcing.

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