About certification

Certification is the process of assessing systems, processes or products against a set of defined standards and issuing a certificate to demonstrate that they meet the requirements set out in the standards.

It ensures that you have the right frameworks in place to manage efficiency, quality, consistency and risk.

There are many types of certification, some are specific to particular products or industries and others are relevant across all types of industry or business sector. In all cases, certification by a reputable third party ensures that assessments are entirely independent and impartial.

An accredited certification body is one which has been independently evaluated for its competence, performance and impartiality against internationally recognised standards. Choosing an accredited certification body reduces the risk to you and your customers and provides assurance that your certification is credible and recognised by purchasers.

Exova BM TRADA is a UK based, international certification body accredited by major accreditation bodies including UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), ASI, DAC, ENAC, ENAS, TURKAK, LATAK and ANSI.
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