Although all part of the same Group, until recently we delivered our services through a under a number of different brands:
  • BM TRADA Certification Ltd,
  • TRADA Technology Ltd,
  • Chiltern International Fire Ltd (including Chiltern Dynamics),
  • FIRA International Ltd (FIL)
and a network of international offices.

Although FIRA International retains its existing identity, it remains a key part of the BM TRADA offer. All other companies now trade under the name BM TRADA.

The former BM TRADA is a leading provider of independent assurance services to businesses around the world; including certification, testing, inspection and verification, technical and training services covering a broad range of standards, schemes and products. 

Our services are essential for businesses of all types whether it is to get products to market, meet contractual and regulatory requirements or improve quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability. 

For major companies this means protecting your reputation, reducing risk and reassuring your stakeholders. For SMEs - showing compliance to recognised standards can replace the power of a big brand and help to secure new business and build your reputation.

The core of our business is our people whose depth of knowledge and experience means they understand the issues that are important to your business and to meeting your goals.

We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), Accreditation Services International (ASI) and other accreditation bodies which means that certification from us is credible and independent. A certificate from an accredited certification body holds more value in the market place than approval by an un-accredited body because it shows that we have been rigorously assessed against internationally recognised standards to make sure we have the necessary expertise, integrity and competence.