How to achieve certification

The certification process depends on the type of certification you need. For example, management systems, chain of custody, responsible sourcing, product certification etc.

However, in all cases, the process falls broadly into three simple steps:
  • Application and review.
    This includes the completion of a request for quote form which includes details of your business and your certification requirements. Its enables us to accurately define the scale and scope of your certification, provide a quotation and allocate a suitably experienced audit team.
  • Main evaluation or certification audit.
    For most types of certification this is a two phase process including at least one on-site audit, a written report on the audit findings and the identification of any non-conformances that need to be addressed.
  • Certification.
    On completion of the first two stages and the closure of non-conformances, certification is granted, a certificate and certification marks are issued and certification is maintained through a planned programme of audit checks followed by a re-certification audit in the year before certification expires.
The certification process
Management systems certification
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The certification process
Supply chain & chain of custody
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