Cladding & decking

Assess & monitor the affect weather has on timber cladding & decking systems.

We offer a range of testing services for cladding systems at our natural exposure test facility. We can offer a unique exposure testing protocol which utilises purpose-made rigs with a concealed and vented cavity which mimics cladding installations and allows the behaviour of north and south-facing aspects of the same system to be monitored.

We can also provide an independent service to manufacturers and suppliers of decking wishing to diversify with new timber species or alternative substrates.

Our services in this area include:

  • comparative natural field test performance monitoring of cladding systems
  • stability testing and assessment of in-service distortion of decking using atmospheric test chambers and natural exposure
  • evaluation of fixing methodology and propensity to splitting of alternative substrates or species used for cladding and/or decking
  • practical assessment of cladding profiles and their ability to support coating systems
  • practical assessment of decking profiles for wet and dry slip-resistance.
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Cladding & decking

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Cladding & decking