Wood-based product testing

Determine the properties & uses of wood & wood-based products, structural & non-structural.


Independent testing of wood and wood-based products, structural and non-structural to determine their properties and uses.

The mechanical properties of wood and wood-based products are quite different to those of other materials. We offer specialised testing to determine the properties asked for by specifiers.

Examples of the products we test:
  • Flooring
    • Floor decking from wood-based panels
  • Cladding
  • Joinery
    • Engineered wood joinery profiles
    • Sports equipment
    • Tools
In addition, we are able to carry out testing to determine time related mechanical behaviour such as:
  • Creep
  • Fatigue
  • Duration of load
The benefits of testing with Exova
Test work is carried out by Exova's highly experienced staff in our UKAS-accredited laboratories in close co-operation with the client. Our detailed knowledge of testing and product standards ensures that we can provide a robust interpretation of the test data. We provide test certificates and full technical reports, as required, supported by the best technical advice.
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