Timber board & panel product testing

Determine strength, performance & durability of timber board & panel products to British & European standards.


We provide an extensive range of testing services for a wide range of panel products that cover mechanical and physical performance, natural durability and resistance to weathering.

Some of the products covered include particleboard (chipboard), plywood, marine plywood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), orientated strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and laminated strand lumber (LSL). The products may be used for a wide range of applications including engineered wood members such as I-joists, flooring, timber frame wall sheathing, cladding and decking, joinery and furniture.

Panel products are often manufactured for a designated end use. To demonstrate and/or verify the performance, one or more application specific characteristic properties may require evaluation by testing.

Whether evaluating the performance of a panel product to gain third-party certification, to investigate failures in the timber or to verify trade descriptions and fitness for purpose, we can provide independent technical expertise.

The tests are carried out in our specialised laboratories following recognised standard methods or specially designed programmes that assist individual needs.

Our testing services
Our testing services on panel products include the following:
  • thickness swell due to soaking to BS EN 317
  • glue bond strength of plywood products to BS EN 314 (UKAS-accredited)
  • internal bond strength to BS EN 319
  • dimensional stability to BS EN 318
  • bending strength and stiffness to BS EN 310
  • shear strength to BS EN 789
  • impact resistance (soft body) and concentrated point load to BS EN 1195
  • water vapour transmission testing to BS EN ISO 12572
  • surface abrasion resistance (Taber test) to BS EN 14904
Specimen sizes vary depending on the test, from 20mm in width up to 1600 × 6000mm for complete floor panels.

The results of structural testing allow the product to be placed on the market and be classified in accordance with BS EN 12369-1, BS EN 13986 and other appropriate standards.

We can also undertake natural weather trials at our exposure site to evaluate the degradation due to weathering of coated or uncoated panel products.