Coatings & surface finishes testing

Test & diagnose the performance of coatings & surface finishes on internal & external joinery.


We carry out testing work on a variety of issues related to the performance of coating systems on wood joinery. Our expertise in this area ranges from comparative performance testing of exterior coatings to diagnostic work on high quality interior veneered panels.

We offer excellent natural exposure facilities set in open rural countryside providing unsheltered exposure to extremes of weather throughout the year. This enables natural weathering studies and performance testing of coatings and joinery to be carried out.

Typical testing includes:

  • comparative performance testing of commercial wood finishes for exterior joinery
  • testing of exterior coatings to BS EN 927
  • laboratory research into the causes of veneer disruption and coating anomalies on internal wall and door panelling
  • natural exposure testing of joinery systems and coatings.
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