Biomass & wood waste testing

Use advanced technologies to recycle wood & reintroduce a new product into the market.


A range of specialist testing services verifying a product's characteristics to reassure the manufacturer of a products suitability for the market.

Waste wood can be a very variable commodity, and inevitably as different markets develop; there will be a growth in the number of raw material specifications in terms for example, of acceptable moisture level, chip size, contamination levels and timber species.

Our range of specialist testing services verify the product's characteristics, reassuring the manufacturer of its suitability for the market:

Calorific estimation of non-biomass combustible in wood waste
We can also offer a less costly visual assessment of wood waste. This may appeal to those operating under the RHI below 1 MWth where formal fuel testing is not required, but who would like supporting evidence that the wood being used is of an appropriate quality. This would involve separating a wood waste sample into its different components and using standard figures to provide an informed estimate the of the calorific contribution from non-wood combustibles such as paint, resins and laminates.

Our experienced research consultants conduct testing according to a wide range of standardised and recognised techniques, and can also develop testing procedures to meet the requirements of non-standard products. Clients will receive a report with a comprehensive analysis of any testing that has been undertaken.
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