Testing seating & upholstery

A range of tests are required for chairs, seating and upholstery, depending on the end use of the product.
There is a wide range of test requirements for chairs. Each series of tests addresses issues such as strength, durability, stability and safety.

The test methods and performance requirements vary depending upon the end use of the item concerned, whether for domestic, outdoor, office, contract or educational use. Many office and contract users will not accept a chair unless it has been tested by an independent, third party. In addition retailers of domestic and outdoor furniture are becoming increasingly aware of the general product safety requirements for furniture and are seeking evidence to support these regulations.

Where upholstery is an integral part of the chairs concerned flammability performance, which is governed by legislation, must be tested. In addition the durability and performance of fabrics and foams are vital considerations whether in a domestic, office or contract environment.
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Why FIRA furniture testing?
Product testing is essential to ensure that the products you are manufacturing, buying or selling are legal, safe and fit for purpose.
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