Testing kitchens & worktops

Surface finish testing for mechanical damage, resistance to wet and dry heat and chemical resistance.
Surface finish testing assesses the following;
  • Mechanical damage, for example abrasion, impact, scrape and scratch resistance.
  • Resistance to wet and dry heat, typically over the range of 55°c - 160°c depending on service use.
  • Chemical resistance, for example oils, acids, bleaches, tea and coffee.
The exposed surfaces of furniture such as cabinets, kitchens, desks and worktops need to be able to withstand the rigours of day to day use.

The results of the use of inadequate or inappropriate surface finishes are instantly visible. This not only has a negative aesthetic impact but can also affect on the performance of the item concerned.The level of performance of finishes depends upon the end use of the furniture concerned. 

The most severe performance criteria are designated for items such as kitchen tops, desk tops and living room tables. The minimum requirements for kitchen cabinets and horizontal surfaces tend to be lower than the above and performance criteria for vertical surfaces of items such as bookshelves and bedroom furniture are even lower.