Underfloor heating testing

Testing facilities to verify and assess the performance of flooring products for underfloor heating installations.

We can carry out various tests to determine the influence of underfloor heating regimes on the stability of installed flooring systems using a purpose-built test set-up. The laboratory tests are typically carried out to verify and assess the performance of new flooring products intended for use over underfloor heating installations.

The test work can be structured to:
  • provide independent verification of manufacturers claims of the suitability of flooring products for use with underfloor heating
  • provide practical guidance on optimum start-up and initialisation protocols for wooden floor coverings
  • confirm the suitability of innovative flooring products, including modified wood for use with underfloor heating systems
We can assess the influence of the composition and construction of wood floor coverings on their behaviour over underfloor heating systems and can carry out comparative test work to evaluate the performance of floor coverings on different types of underfloor heating installations.
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