Slip-resistance testing

Evaluate the slip resistance of flooring & decking systems.


On-site and laboratory testing to check the resistance of wet and dry surfaces to slipping and skidding.

We offer a testing service for walking surfaces which can evaluate the slip potential to pedestrian traffic of flooring and decking systems. The slip resistance test is carried out using the Transport Road Laboratory (TRL) Pendulum tester using rubber sliders appropriate to shoed and barefoot traffic.

The test provides a means of checking the resistance of wet and dry surfaces to slipping and skidding, both in the laboratory (i.e on supplied specimen material) and on site (on finished installations).

The results of the slip resistance test using the pendulum tester can be assessed against the Health & Safety Executive's guidance Note classification for floors which classifies slip resistance in terms of three categories, high slip potential, moderate slip potential and low slip potential.

The test can be used in:

  • litigation disputes involving personal accident or injury resulting from slippage
  • compliance testing of manufacturers claims of person-surface interaction behaviour
  • determination of changes in slip potential of walking surfaces subsequent to periods of trafficking
  • determining the influence on slip potential through the use of surface lacquers
We have carried out laboratory research programmes investigating the anticipated slip potential of innovative flooring systems proposed for commercial use and have performed tests to evaluate the influence on slip potential of various surface lacquers.
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Slip resistance testing

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