Fire resistance testing

We offer UKAS accredited fire resistance testing for a wide variety of passive fire protection products used in construction.

We are a centre of excellence for manufacturers looking to test to the following standards:
Doorsets (timber, composite, steel) BS 476: Part 22
BS EN 1634-1
BS EN 1634-2
ANSI/UL 10c: 2009
Glass & glazing systems BS 476: Part 22
BS EN 1364-1
Wall systems:
Load bearing wall systems
Non-load bearing wall systems
BS EN 1365-1
BS EN 1364-1
Fire stopping products:
Pipe penetration seals
Linear joint seals
Cavity barriers
BS EN 1366-3
BS EN 1366-4
EGOLF TR31 (using BS EN 1363-1)
Door components:
Door hardware
BS EN 1634-2

We can also design ad-hoc fire test programmes for a range of bespoke projects in order to demonstrate whether products are fit for purpose.

Fire resistance testing of passive fire protection products is carried out at our specialist fire resistance testing facilities in Buckinghamshire.

Our technical specialists maintain an active membership of industry bodies and associations including:
  • EGOLF (European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification)
  • FTSG (Fire Test Study Group)
  • ASFP (Association of Specialist Fire Protection)
  • PFPF (Passive Fire Protection Federation)
  • FSF (Fire Sector Federation)
  • ASDMA (Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association)
  • DHF (Door & Hardware Federation)
  • GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation)
The fire resistance testing process
The testing process is relatively straight forward. A manufacturer / designer submits a specimen and we install it within a suitable structural surround and test it.


During the testing stage, we continue to make every effort to ensure that the test programme goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We often provide our clients with the services of our on-site technical team to handle critical aspects of the testing process. Examples include:
  • For door testing, our technical team provides a full support service to ensure the test specimen is assembled and installed correctly. We also have workshop facilities enabling further work to doorsets as required, including a supply of hardware, intumescent seals and glazing systems.
  • For penetration sealing systems, we recognise that is often difficult to obtain all the cables, pipes and support systems that the standard specifies, so we source and supply these materials when required.
Once a product has been tested, a report will be issued that will contain all the construction details of the tested specimen together with information on the size and configuration of the test sample.

Our testing service is supported by experienced product assessors who can assist in developing test programmes, explaining the test procedure, witnessing tests and reviewing the results.
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