What is fire behaviour?

Fire behaviour is the term used to describe the intensity, direction and magnitude of how a fire spreads. 

Fire spreads as a result of heat transfer, which is when a material immediately next to a flame is heated enough for it to ignite.There are three requirements for a fire to ignite, burn and spread: oxygen, heat and fuel. The behaviour of the fire often depends on the material.

How a material, substance or product will perform when exposed to a heat source can be determined through developmental research and testing programmes.

The early stages of a fire's development heavily influences its overall behaviour. Legislation considers this by requiring the reaction to fire characteristics of certain building components to be determined and then controlled.

Our fire behaviour services department cover a number of diverse activities, all of which are carried out in specially designed fire test facilities, where we are able to purpose-build a wide range of structures to investigate fire behaviour in any given situation.

In addition, we provide comprehensive training facilities to both public and private fire brigades.