Fire research and testing

Our bespoke fire testing programmes and fire services research projects are invaluable in helping clients understand and prove their products' behaviour in fire.

Bespoke programmes range from small material tests to large carbonaceous fire investigations to help solve real-life fire safety problems that often fall outside the remit of already published standards.

Crucially, our team expertise combines engineering disciplines with innovative problem solving techniques. Close working relationships with fire and rescue services, UK industry experts and colleagues within Exova Warringtonfire allow us to draw upon a broad range of skills, expertise and testing equipment.

We can supply in-depth analysis, quantify risks and provide effiecient, cost effective, proven solutions for special projects.

Fire research and testing services include:

  • the design and operation of fire test research programmes including:
    • specimen construction
    • trained fire fighting cover for testing activities
    • collection of data
    • third party test reports of the findings
  • working with trade associations to write new test methods
  • providing the facilities and construction of demonstration models for TV and film production companies to undertake filming of fire tests
  • providing expert knowledge on a product's performance in fire, including new fire fighting techniques and technologies and their fitness for purpose
  • providing a venue and technical support for companies to showcase their products
  • additional equipment can be installed to specific requirements, including thermal imaging cameras or infra red CCTV. Data can be recorded on calibrated real-time data analysis equipment, allowing information to be quickly displayed in spreadsheets and graphs
Work credentials and industry experience
We have been providing independent and confidential testing and fire research to commercial, government and professional organisations for more than 30 years. Our international client base includes some of the biggest names, specialists and individuals from the following fields:
  • fire suppression
  • fire detection
  • construction
  • engineering
  • transportation
  • motorsports
  • communications
  • TV, media and film
  • building design
  • fire & rescue services
  • petrochemical 
  • insurance
  • power stations
  • energy service providers.
Bespoke fire research & testing
  • A quantified fire risk model for designing indoor play areas
    Exova Warringtonfire (formerly BM TRADA and Chiltern International Fire) led this Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) research project. The conclusions and recommendations identified the need for a quantified approach to conducting fire risk assessments in indoor play areas. We produced a Fire Risk Assessment Model. This considered all aspects of an indoor play area including the building and associated facilities, the play equipment and structure, human behaviour and Fire Services issues.
  • Escalator water suppression system fire
    Exova developed a test facility for fire suppression and detection system applications in sub-surface mass transit system escalators.
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV)
    Tyne & Wear Fire Brigade commissioned our team to quantify the effect that using PPV fans would have on occupants caught between the fan and outlet vent in a fire. The results along with other work, have been used to formalise the UK fire brigade's policy on the use of PPV as a fire-fighting tool.
  • Wheelie bin research
    We were approached by Merseyside Fire & Rescue and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue services to conduct a research project into domestic wheelie bin fires. This research was commissioned after two separate arson events involving domestic wheelie bins resulted in the deaths of five people, within the localities of the above fire authorities.


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