Acoustic testing of building products

Our laboratories test a wide range of products used in construction to assess sound insulation performance.

We offer UKAS accredited acoustic testing to BS EN ISO 10140 series for construction elements seeking to demonstrate sound insulation performance up to 58 dB (Rw) or 73 dB (R'w) including:
  • doorsets
  • windows
  • glazing systems
  • penetration and linear joint seals
  • door seals
  • single leaf partition systems
BS EN ISO 10140-1 consists of the standards below and has replaced the previous
BS EN ISO 140 series for lab testing:
  • BS EN ISO 10140-1 - Laboratory Measurements of Sound Insulation of Building Elements
  • BS EN ISO 10140-2 - Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation
  • BS EN ISO 10140-4 - Measurement Procedures and Requirements
  • BS EN ISO 10140-5 - Requirements for Test Facilities and Equipment
Our figures are calculated using BS EN ISO 717-1 - Rating of Sound Insulation in Buildings and of Building Elements.
Why have your products tested for acoustic performance?
Noise is on the increase in our society, causing irritation or stress for many people. If loud enough, it can even damage peoples' hearing.

As a result, Regulations, Codes and Initiatives have been introduced to set the levels of acceptable noise in different buildings. In addition, specific projects may require heightened levels of sound insulation to ensure privacy or provide quiet areas for study.

Building products that make up walls or floors need to demonstrate their acoustic performance to prove that they will meet the overall requirement for these separating elements. This is done by testing the products in an accredited laboratory where the level of sound that passes through the product from one room (Source Room) to another (Receiving Room) is measured to calculate sound insulation performance in decibels.
Exova's acoustic testing support services
Exova offers a full scope of support services for clients to ensure the test programme goes as smoothly as possible. A technical officer is in attendance throughout the testing stage, to explain the testing procedure and review the results.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of testing services including fire resistance testing, security and burglary resistance testing and durability testing.
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