Wood coatings and treatments

Achieve the desired performance life and provide remedial and/or preventative recommendations of wood coatings & treatments

Exova has a wealth of experience in diagnostic work determining the causes of coating failures and wood decay on exterior joinery including cladding. We can provide advice on optimum wood treatments and schedules to use to achieve a desired performance life and are able to advise on specific remedial and/or preventative strategies to help extend the performance life of wood joinery.

Our services in this area more typically involve carrying out a site inspection followed by more detailed diagnostic laboratory work.

Our services include the following:

  • determination of dry film thickness to establish coating loadings achieved and verification of number of coats applied
  • provision of advice on the adequacy of the coating application and /or the coating specification used
  • determination for the presence of wood preservative treatment
  • diagnostic investigations into the cause or causes of blistering, coating delamination, staining disfigurement and other in-service coating issues
  • provision of guidance on the selection of appropriate coatings, wood treatments, and sealants to extend the lifespan of wood joinery
  • provision of advice on appropriate and cost-effective remedial strategies in the event of coating failures
We can provide authoritative consultancy support in the resolution of disputes and have represented a range of commercial and private clients in the past.
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Wood coatings and treatments

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