In-situ strength grading of timber

Visual strength grading of timber to determine the strength class on a range of buildings & structures

Strength grading of structural timber

Exova's timber consultants visually strength grade softwoods and hardwoods in-situ and provide the appropriate strength class that our - or a client’s - structural engineers can use for structural assessments.

We carry out indicative strength grading on timbers in a broad assortment of structures including:

  • historic, listed and modern buildings
  • bridges and walkways
  • railway infrastructure
  • marine environments – docks, jetties, piers, coastal defences
  • cooling towers and communication masts
  • MOD and nuclear industry infrastructure

The work is carried out by our experienced consultants who are trained and qualified visual strength graders. They are able to use either British Standards or a wide range of internationally recognised grading standards depending on the objectives and requirements of the client.

Justification of the strength of structural timber is often a requirement of Building Control, particularly where a change of use in a historic or ‘older’ building is being planned. In-situ grading is often carried out at the same time as condition surveys.

Changes to the loads applied to a structure may result in some timber members requiring a higher strength class than is achievable by the conventional standards. With the aid of other non-destructive techniques, our consultants are sometimes able to achieve a higher strength class by using our technical expertise and knowledge of how structures work. This can result in significant cost and time savings rather than carrying out strengthening work which may not be required.

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In-situ visual strength grading

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