Timber fasteners and connectors

On-site survey of timber fasteners and connectors in new and existing buildings for strength and performance

Our timber consultants and engineers are able to conduct on-site surveys of timber fasteners, connections and joints as part of our technical service offering. We have experience in conducting such surveys in both temporary and permanent structures in the following areas:
  • modern and historic timber buildings, including listed buildings
  • timber bridges
  • telecommunication towers
  • cooling tower
  • timber platforms and temporary works
  • underground structures
We are also able to carry out inspections on mechanical fastenings as well as glued connections. Glue identification for existing structures, integrity determinations and durability testing are a few things that we are able to do.

Surveys can vary from simple visual inspection techniques to sample extraction for further analysis, with minimal structural intervention, supported by testing in our internationally recognised laboratories.
Our technical consultants are fully qualified well acquainted with modern non-destructive inspection and testing techniques. We can also provide independent laboratory testing for timber fasteners and connectors.
The importance of site surveys of fasteners and connections
Timber connections and joints, depending on their location within structures, can be susceptible to decay and degradation due to a variety of reasons: water and fire damage, decayed and split timber and chemical interactions between wood and preservatives are some of the common reasons. Most types of degradations are white rust or red rust. Over time these conditions can lead to connection failure. Exova's timber experts are able to identify these situations early and are knowledgeable to provide remedial solutions.
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