Condition and structural surveys

Assess the condition of timber in new and existing buildings

Timber site surveys

We offer a range of specialist independent structural condition assessment of timbers in new and existing structures. Surveys have been carried out on a diverse range of buildings and structures using non-destructive test methodologies.

We regularly carry out timber inspections looking at the condition of the timber on buildings ranging from modern timber frame housing developments to historic buildings. We also inspect infrastructure ranging from the railway, telecommunication towers and marine applications.

The work is carried out by highly experienced timber and building consultants. We can also provide independent laboratory testing.

Surveys are carried out to assess and advise upon a range of issues:
  • determine condition of existing structure
  • strength of individual timber members - in-situ visual strength grading
  • possible remedial solutions
  • alternative use of a building
  • preservation of historic structures
  • compliance with codes and best practice
  • restarting timber frame projects
  • fire damage
  • flood damage
  • warranty claims
  • concerned occupants
  • asset management plans
Clients we have provided condition and structural surveys for include:
  • local authorities
  • housing associations
  • property developers
  • nuclear and railway industries
  • structural engineers
  • architects
  • facility management companies
  • warranty providers

Ben Sharples, Technical Consultant

Specialist area: condition surveys, visual strength grading, training

+44 (0)1494 569628

Nick Clifford, Technical Consultant

Specialist areas: species identification, condition surveys, structural surveys, training

+44 (0)1494 569623