Legislation compliance (FIRA)

We can ensure that your furniture product complies with current legislation and standards. We test to a large variety of British and European standards.
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Where no standard exists, we will take various aspects of the most relevant standards or we can develop an appropriate new standard. We assess workplaces, furniture and computer accessories for compliance with Health and Safety display screen equipment regulations. We then use general product safety regulations to assess safety and fitness for purpose for any product. Finally we also assess work places and tasks for Health and Safety manual handling regulations.

Relevant standards are used to check compliance issues.

The dimensional standards we test to are:
  • BS EN 1335-1: 2000. Office chair dimensions. NOTE this standard is prerequisite to EN ISO 9241-5.
  • BS EN 527-1: 2011; Desk dimensions
  • 1729-1: 2006. School furniture. NOTE this standard is prerequisite for BS EN 1729-2: 2006. Therefore you cannot test to Part 2 before you test to Part 1.
  • EN 16139: 2013. Visitors chairs dimensions.
  • BS EN 1023-1: 1997. Dimensions of office screens. 

We also test to various ergonomic standards such as:
  • BS EN ISO 9241-5:1999. Ergonomics of chairs, desks workstations. This tests chairs, desks and workstations, monitor arms, laptop and tablet holders and many other items.
  • BIFMA G1

There are also a number of dimensional and ergonomic standards we can test to. These are:
  • BE EN ISO 11064-4: 2013. Layout and dimensions of control room work stations.
  • NPR 1813 for office chairs