Furniture specification, development & evaluation (FIRA)

Our ergonomists advise and assist on furniture specification, workstation efficiency and workplace layout for all types of educational, leisure, work and domestic environments. We can give advise on how to specify furniture that is fit for purpose for an organisation. This is not only the list of standards that it should comply with but also what type of chair or work surface should be specified, the size, dimensions etc. This is based on the requirements of the task, office, organisations, individual and environment.

To do this we;

Ensure compliance with all Health & Safety and DSE regulations; where appropriate we work with you to integrate changes into your business practices and procedures Ensure workplace compliance with all aspects of the Equality; this includes access audits and verification of compliance using BS 8300:2001 Ensure productivity, morale, motivation and wellbeing in the workplace, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and musculoskeletal disorders and thus achieving cost benefits and avoiding the costs of high For more information or staff turnover and possible litigation.

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