Site surveys for passive fire protection

Site surveys to assess that fire safety measures are adequate and comply with the requirements of the RRFSO.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) requires all buildings other than dwellings to be regularly checked to ensure that fire safety provisions are adequate and retain the ability to resist the passage and spread of fire throughout their working life. 

However, fire resistance capabilities can be seriously compromised if it has not been installed and maintained by someone who has appropriate knowledge of this complex life safety product e.g. a fire door’s fire resistance performance can be compromised if components such as hardware, glazing and intumescent strips are installed incorrectly or not to specification. It is therefore essential to make sure your fire safety provisions are checked by an expert.

Our service in this field involves conducting on-site surveys of critical passive fire protection measures including fire doors, panelling, compartment lines and service penetrations, in essence, anything that could serve to control the development and spread of fire.

A site survey could involve surveying sections of a building, the entire building or an estate. On completion, a detailed assessment report on the status of your passive fire protection measures will be provided.

Where necessary, we explain where replacing and / or upgrading the existing components is appropriate to satisfy fire performance requirements.
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