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A key area in which we provide fire technical services is fire resistance performance.

To comply with regulations, many buildings require fire resistant building elements such as fire doors, wall systems and floors etc. The performance of these elements needs to be proven and is normally achieved by conducting appropriate fire resistance testing.

As fire resistance test reports relate only to the exact design configuration that was tested, and because it is impractical to test all potential variations of fire resistant elements for all applications, professional solutions are often necessary to establish whether variations from tested details are acceptable. Our service in this area provides you with a product assessment report for your passive fire protection products.

A product assessment (also known as a Global Assessment) is a desk based study, applying expert knowledge to the results taken from a series of fire resistance tests of a particular design configuration to either:
  • Extend the coverage of existing fire test evidence to allow the development of new designs or design variations without the need for additional testing
  • Conduct a design performance evaluation of an unusual or bespoke construction that may be impractical to test, conducted on a project specific basis (also known as a Job Specific Assessment).
Our team of experts produce product assessments of fire resistance performance for Building Regulation compliance based on 35 years of experience and, where appropriate, the agreed principles and resolutions of the Fire Test Study Group.
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