Chain of custody certification for construction projects

FSC® and PEFC™ Project certification 

Construction projects obtain certification to prove traceability of timber in the build.

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About Project Certification

When it comes to individual projects, the construction industry faces specific challenges in proving that the timber specified and supplied to the project is from legal and sustainable sources.

Project chain of custody certification is a means of independently verifying the use of certified timber in a construction project and allowing the industry to use the certification trademark to promote their responsibly sourced credentials.

Certification means individual projects, whether new build development, major refurbishment or one-off features, can obtain chain of custody certification and make claims about the use of certified timber during the build.

Project Certification - the challenges:

  • many contractors will be involved on-site and not all will have their own chain of custody certification
  • the timber supplied is from certified suppliers but the uncertified sub-contractors cannot make that claim
  • each project will undoubtedly contain a quantity of uncertified timber
  • some activities involving timber will take place outside the confines of the certified site.
We offer certification to two schemes:
  • FSC Project Certification

  • PEFC Project Certification

The benefits of project chain of custody
On individual construction projects, the construction industry faces specific challenges when proving that the timber specified and supplied is from sustainable sources. Project certification has been designed as a mechanism for gaining independent verification of the use of certified timber in a one-off project such as a construction project which has a limited duration.

Benefits include:
  • Proof of traceability
Certification of the timber or timber-derived products within a construction project provides independently verified assurance that the wood used originates from responsibly managed forests with the material tracked through every stage of the process from forest to the project.
  • Independent third party verification
Certification represents a fraction of the cost of the overall build. Independent third party verification proves that your project has been rigorously audited to an international standard so your clients can be assured of a higher level of certainty that your data is accurate and valid, setting you apart from your competitors.
  • Compliance with legislation & risk management
Project certification complies with environmental building standards such as BREEAM and LEED and ensures that wood from unknown, illegal and controversial sources is excluded.
  • Recognition that not all sub-contractors are certified
Project certification allows non-certified sub-contractors to operate under the umbrella of the main contractors’ certification as long as all of their activities are confined to the certified site.
  • Promotion of the project
Globally recognised trademarks can be used to promote the responsibly sourced credentials of the project and enables public claims to be about the use of certified timber during the build.
  • Assurance to clients that they are contributing to environmental and economic stability
Companies can provide assurance to suppliers and clients that their projects contribute to the highest levels of environmental, ecological, social and economic standards.
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