Chain of custody & sustainable supply chain certification

There is no better way of demonstrating a responsible and sustainable approach to sourcing products than through chain of custody and supply chain certification.

Around the world customers are demanding increasing assurances about sourcing practices, so proving the traceability of goods is crucial.

Certification shows:
  • your product comes from where you say it does
  • your supply chains are secure and traceable, and
  • it can provide evidence of your product's sustainability with an audited record from source to end product.

Chain of custody certification ensures timber or timber products originate from responsibly sourc...

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UTZ Certified Chain of Custody for tea, coffee & cocoaChain of custody certification provides...

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Exova BM TRADA certification body licence numbers:

  • FSC licence number A000503
  • PEFC licence number PEFC/16-44-002
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