Q-Mark paint application scheme

This scheme identifies approved people and approved coating systems for each certified company.
The coating of windows, doors or other components gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as providing a protective layer for materials that are not naturally durable. It is critical that the correct coating system is used and applied in the right manner, using the right tools, in a suitable environment.

The Q-Mark paint application scheme looks at the requirements for the paint system supplier and verifies that the paint application process is followed in a controlled and documented manner. For each certified company, It identifies approved people and approved coating systems.

This scheme aims to:
  • raise the awareness of fabricators for the need to use a tested and approved paint system that is suitable for the substrate to be painted
  • to ensure that the products and procedures are clearly defined by the paint system supplier and that these are being followed by individuals applying the paint
  • to maintain quality through attention to detail and awareness of best practices 
  • to maintain a traceable, documented system which identifies the products required by the customer and the subsequent quality control checks both for the paint application process and for the finished product
The benefits of becoming a member:
  • provides a strong competitive advantage by demonstrating that you work to strict guidelines which are designed to maximise the quality and longevity of the finished product
  • third party certification is voluntary and as such it provides a clear demonstration of your commitment to quality
  • you continue to benefit as levels of awareness of the Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark and the demand for third party certification increases
  • association with the Exova BM TRADA, widely recognised and accepted as leading provider of third party certification
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Why choose Q-Mark product certification?
Product certification is the ultimate endorsement of a product's performance. Products will always be made to achieve a particular performance, whether it's to a British, European or International test standard or simply to the manufacturer's own in-house specification.
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