Conservatory installation scheme

To improve the quality and consistency of installed conservatories and orangeries and allow the installer to provide the end user with the confidence that their conservatory will be installed in a controlled and professional manner.

As part of the scheme, the installer must demonstrate that they have processes in place to ensure that their conservatories are built consistently to an appropriate standard. These processes include those for the initial sale / contract, purchasing of components, survey of the site, as well as the actual installation. In addition, specific technical requirements must be met for the specification of the conservatory, which are designed to ensure that the finished product is both useable and durable. Where possible, these requirements follow the guidance in the Building Regulations, so that the conservatory is built to recognised accepted standards.

What the scheme aims to achieve: 
  • Raise the on-going standard of installation of conservatories and orangeries
  • Ensure that products are chosen which are designed as a complete solution, taking into account the applicable loads
  • Maximise the product’s service life
  • Provide peace of mind to the homeowner that the installer is suitably qualified and that their work is regularly assessed by an independent body
  • Ensure appropriate care of the existing building is taken during the conservatory / orangery installation
Technical requirements
The main technical requirements which the installer must meet are summarised below:
The benefits of becoming a member:
  • enables installers to demonstrate that they provide a premium quality service
  • provides installers with a competitive advantage compared to the vast majority of the market which is not certified.
  • helps generate new business as awareness of the new scheme increases and homeowners increasingly choose Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark certified installation companies.
  • demonstrates an installer’s on-going commitment to quality and enhances your reputation as a provider of quality installation services.
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Scheme sheet
Q-Mark conservatory installation scheme sheet

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