Certification for products, installation & maintenance services, personnel & grading

Q-Mark, FIRA Gold, CE marking and Ergonomics Excellence product certification help you get your products to market and meet tender specification requirements.

Certification of your product tells your customers that it meets the requirements of a defined technical specification and that it has been produced within a third party audited Factory Production Control (FPC) system which includes procedures for isolating non-conforming product.

For complex and high performing products, confidence in their performance throughout the product life is critical. So, certification of those installing, repairing or maintaining the product is as important as testing and certification of the product itself.
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Sub-Contract Auditor Vacancies
Due to continued growth Exova BM TRADA are looking for sub-contractor auditors
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What is third party product certification?
Third party product certification is the process of certifying that a manufacturer of a product, or individuals who are installing or maintaining that product...
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