National Highway Sector Schemes

Essential certification for companies that work on the UK road network.


About National Highway Sector Schemes

National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) are quality management systems for companies working on the UK road network.

They are based on, and supplement, ISO 9001 with additional requirements specific to highways work. Any organisation working with the Highways Agency and local authorities needs to be certified to the relevant NHSS scheme to show that are competent to carry out the required works.

The schemes fall into four main categories; fencing, landscaping and vehicle safety restraints; road surfacing and marking; lighting, electronics and corrosion protection; and traffic management.

They were designed to provide an industry benchmark, to to make sure that work is carried out to the highest standards of professionalism, using properly trained staff and with a strong emphasis on health and safety.

National Highway Sector Schemes
We currently offer certification to the following sector schemes:
  • Highway Sector Scheme 2A - design and / or supply, installation and repair of fences
  • Highway Sector Scheme 2B - supply, installation and repair of vehicle restraint systems
  • Highway Sector Scheme 2C - design, supply, installation and repair of environmental barriers
  • Highway Sector Scheme 4 - preservative treatment of timber
  • Highway Sector Scheme 5A - manufacture of parapets for road restraint systems
  • Highway Sector Scheme 5B - installation of parapets for road restraint systems
  • Highway Sector Scheme 7 - application of road marking materials and road studs to road surfaces
  • Highway Sector Scheme 8 - installation and maintenance of highway electrical equipment and road traffic signs
  • Highway Sector Scheme 9A - traffic sign manufacture
  • Highway Sector Scheme 12A & 12B - static temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways including on line widening schemes
  • Highway Sector Scheme 12C - mobile lane closure traffic management on motorways and other dual carriageways
  • Highway Sector Scheme 12D - installing, maintaining and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads
  • Highway Sector Scheme 13 - supply and application of surface treatments to road surfaces
  • Highway Sector Scheme 14 - quality management of the production of asphalt mixes
  • Highway Sector Scheme 16 - laying of asphalt mixes
  • Highway Sector Scheme 18 - natural environment and landscape including ecology
  • Highway Sector Scheme 19A - corrosion protection of ferrous materials by industrial coatings.
Who needs NHSS?
Registration to NHSS is generally considered to be mandatory, or at the very least best practice, for all highways works. Companies sub-contracting work do not have to be registered, but any sub-contractors must be.

If your company supplies services to the Highways Agency under the Specification for Highways Works (SHW), you must be certified under all the relevant schemes for the work you are carrying out.
The benefits of NHSS
Specifically NHSS certification will:
  • provide access to new business through procurement specifications requiring certification as a condition to supply
  • improve processes resulting in efficiencies and reduced costs
  • ensure compliance with current legislation and regulation
  • prove business credentials
  • provide independent verification by auditors with technical knowledge and experience in the sector.
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