GDPR audits

In addition to certification as a route to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Exova BM TRADA is offering a three tiered approach to supporting you with the GDPR:
1. Auditing 
2. Training 
3. Consultancy 


 The three tiered approach explained:

  1. Auditing - we offer an on-site audit of your current processes which can help to highlight how and what you need to do to aid compliance with the GDPR.
  2. Training - we offer in-house training courses to help educate your teams on how best to look after the data you control. By giving your teams the knowledge of what should be done, this will help everyone in your company follow good practice and help towards compliance.
  3. Consultancy - once you have been audited and you know where you need to do better and you’ve been trained, so that you have the knowledge of how to move forward, our consultants can help get your company on the road to compliance.
Click here to read our General Data Protection Regulation audit document.
Why Exova BM TRADA?

Technical knowledge. Plain language: Your Business Development Manager will be on hand to help you to understand the technical requirements and different stages of the process so you know what you are meant to do and when.

Continual improvement: We not only assess your compliance, we aim to identify opportunities for improvement & growth at every audit.

Cost: We offer competitive rates with no management fees & no unexpected costs.

Training: We can provide a range of classroom and in-house courses to help your team develop their understanding & skills in a way that suits you. At Exova BM TRADA we pride ourselves on being a global Certification Body with a local feel.  We operate in different regions across the UK and we have local Business Development Managers to support your needs. We offer a unique and supportive approach, whilst meeting Certification requirements and maintaining the integrity of Accredited Certification. We can ensure that we not only deliver the right Certification for you but that we stay ahead of the game and support you and help your business grow.

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