Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before I start?

Be clear about the benefits certification will bring your business, if you are unsure if certification is for you then please contact us to discuss it. Once you are satisfied then get a quote and obtain the standard to review.

Where do I get a copy of the standard from?

For management systems, you can purchase these from our online bookshop for all supply chain schemes, we provide copies free of charge when you apply for a quotation.

How long does certification take?

This is dependent on your level of preparation but we can typically complete the initial process in 8-10 weeks, however, this can be slightly quicker or longer depending on circumstances. 

What does the audit entail?

All of our audits are aimed at demonstrating compliance with the relevant standard(s) therefore for initial certification we will be looking for objective evidence that your procedures meet the requirements and are being followed.


How long does an audit take?

Different schemes have different rules, for UKAS accredited systems the audit duration is prescribed although under certain circumstances maybe reduced, this is why our request a quote form is so comprehensive so that we are able to quote effectively. For more information see our infographic.


Can I integrate systems?

Yes. Management systems are written to be easily integrated doing so is a more cost effective route to achieve multiple certifications. See our IMS page for details.


For any other questions please contact us
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