Our people


Adam is a senior manager within the Buildings and Product Services division and has been with Exova BM TRADA for 10 years. He holds a wealth of experience in the Q-Mark certification schemes: working closely with manufacturers, installers, maintainers, specifiers and responsible people to increase their understanding of the processes involved. Adam is responsible for a team of people who work closely with other areas of the construction industry, including onsite regulatory air and acoustics testing. 
Alasdair has worked in sustainable supply chain certification since 1998, firstly with the FSC and PEFC schemes for timber and paper, and more recently with palm oil, soy, cocoa and coffee. He has worked closely with all the major scheme owners over the years, particularly FSC/PEFC. He currently sits on the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) Trade & Traceability Steering Committee.
Andrew has extensive experience in the delivery of quality, environmental, energy management and health & safety management training programmes. His background is in civil engineering specialising in Highways Construction and Maintenance, working in both the public and private sectors before working as a regional IMS Manager for a large UK based Civil Engineering Company. Andrew joined a UKAS Accredited certification body as a Lead Auditor before being promoted to Senior Lead Auditor, gaining experience in Agriculture, Health Care and Transport. Currently Andrew works as a freelance Auditor / Trainer for 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001. 
Anne is a Training Manager at Exova BM TRADA. Having worked within merchandising, supply chain and learning and development since 1984, Anne has designed and delivered award winning training solutions for FTSE 100 clients, ranging from stand alone workshops to complete education programmes. Anne’s specialties include supply chain, inventory management, global merchandising and procurement and train the trainer workshops. 
Claire has a wealth of experience with management systems and specialises in energy. She has worked in a variety of sectors with both FTSE250 companies and SME’s to tailor business improvement solutions. Her sector experience covers engineering, telecoms, security, leisure, retail and heath. Claire has an MBA in Business Development, is a qualified energy manager, energy assessor and ESOS assessor. 
Dr Thiel studied Civil Engineering at Graz University of Technology. From 1999 to 2007 she worked as Univ. Assistant at Institute of Applied Mechanics at Graz University of Technology. Since 2008 Alexandra has been a researcher at the Center of Competence holz.bau-forschungs gmbh in Graz. Her research topics are timber engineering and wood technology, especially concerning solid timber solutions in cross-laminated timber and was part of the team that developed the Cross Laminated Timber software at the Center of Competence holz.bau-forschungs gmbh in Graz.

Keerthi is the Principal Structural Engineer for Exova BM TRADA, representing TRADA on the BSI committees B/525/5 (Timber Engineering), B/525/1 (Actions) and B/525/-/32 (Fire). Keerthi is also the UK representative on the European Standardisation Committees CEN/TC250/SC5/WG4 (Timber – Fire) and CEN/TC250/SC5/WG5 (Timber – Connections) as well as being a member on the Committees CEN/TC250/SC5 (Timber Engineering) and CEN/TC250/SC5/WG3 (Timber – Cluster Eurocode 5).

Since 2014 Keerthi also sits on the IStructE Research Panel. At Exova BM TRADA, Keerthi’s recent clients include the Canal and River Trust (Formerly British Waterways), the Royal Engineers, the Ministry of Defence and Sellafield Nuclear to name a few. He is also the author of the Eurocode 5 version of the popular TRADA publication, Span Tables and is also the timber expert behind TRADA’s Eurocode 5 online software suite and the BSI’s Eurocodes Online initiative. Keerthi also regularly delivers presentations, CPD lectures and training workshops on behalf of TRADA as well as the IStructE.

Emanuela is an experienced performance improvement consultant and practises in project management, professional training, performance coaching and team building. She has experience in many industries and has worked in countries across the EU, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and the USA. 
Dr Hugh Mansfield-Williams
As a Technical Manager (structural and timber), Hugh’s expertise covers the assessment of solid timber and engineered wood products for use in load-bearing structures as well as fasteners and connectors for joining timber together. 
Lewis Taylor
As a Timber Frame Consultant, Lewis provides independent checks on timber frame buildings for architects, their clients, main contractors and building owners. In addition, Lewis provides technical assistance on thermal performance, thermal bridging and low energy building design. Lewis is a co-author of the Timer Frame Construction 5th Edition and regularly provided talks on timber frame construction at national building exhibitions and conferences.
Mike is a qualified engineer whose career centred on the defence industry and oil and gas exploration and production. Having moved into management system training and consultancy, Mike also began lecturing postgraduate studies in business and project management at Leicester University and Coventry University’s London Campus. Since 200 Mike has also been conducting certification and surveillance audits for ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. 
Paul is the Compliance Manager at PRJ Compliance and has expert knowledge of fire doors, having previously worked as an auditor specialising in fire door manufacture, installation and maintenance certification. Paul works closely with companies undertaking projects requiring certification, helping them to meet standards, train staff and see projects through to completion. Paul has many years' experience of delivering training modules for Exova BM TRADA through the Q-Mark fire door installation and Q-Mark fire door maintenance certification schemes.
Phil O
Philip is the Head of Section for timber at Exova BM TRADA and specialises in the condition performance and strength of timber buildings in large structures. He is able to strength grade timber beyond British Standards permissible limits. Philip is also responsible for delivering presentations and training seminars on timber strength grading, including scaffold boards and roofing battens.
Prof Brandner studied Forest Products Technology and Management at University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg / Kuchl. Between 2005 and 2014 he was a researcher, project leader and an area manager at the Competence Centre holz.bau forschungs gmbh. Since 2009 he has been a Univ.-Assistant at the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology at Graz University of Technology in 2014 Reinhard became an Assistant Professor at Graz University of Technology. His research and lecture topics are timber engineering, wood technology and stochastic modeling of materials, linear and two-dimensional products, fasteners and joints as well as structures. Since 2014 he chairs, together with Prof. Roberto Tomasi, the Working Group (WG2) “Solid Timber Construction – Cross Laminated Timber” from COST FP1402 “Basis of Structural Timber Design from Research to Standards”. He has published more than 240 publications, more than 25 of which are peer-reviewed papers in international journals and conference proceedings.
As Chain of Custody Manager at Exova BM TRADA, Rafal is involved in every aspect of FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification – auditor, trainer, accreditation programme coordinator, public representative and technical expert. Rafal holds a degree in Forestry and International Human Resource Management.
Robin has extensive work experience in the chemical, paper and wood processing industries in Germany and the UK and works as an auditor and consultant on management system, supply chain and product certification within the UK and across Europe. He holds a degree in chemical and environmental engineering and can deliver training in English, German and French.
Robin Lancashire
As a Senior Timber Frame Consultant, Robin has extensive on-site experience providing advice on best practice construction to all areas of the timber frame industry. Robin is also a co-author of timber Frame Construction 5th Edition and regularly provides talks on timber frame construction at national building exhibitions and conferences. 
Roger has extensive experience in the development and audit of management systems and associated training for auditors, managers and all members of staff. He is an experienced and successful lead tutor of approved IRCA, IEMA and bespoke courses, working in a wide range of sectors throughout UK, the Middle and the Far East. He presents complex issues in a simple and straightforward way with a strong emphasis on practical application.
Voyteck has an MSc in mechanical engineering and his career has included work as a university assistant professor, and roles in the manufacturing, construction and certification industries. He has worked in over thirty countries on five continents. Since 2003 Voyteck has been providing auditing, training and consultancy services in various disciplines of risk management. He also conducts audits on behalf of several leading certification bodies. Voyteck is an IRCA approved Lead Auditor of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems.