Our people


Alasdair is Business and Technical Development Manager for Exova BM TRADA and has been in this role since 2008. His principal role is to identify and develop new certification products, particularly in the field of sustainable supply chains.

Alasdair has been closely involved in the development of the RSPO and UTZ certification programmes and is engaged with organisations such ISEAL to look at ways in which the supply chain certification system can be harmonised across different schemes.
Dr Hugh Mansfield-Williams
Dr Hugh Mansfield-Williams is the Technical Assessment Body Manager. His expertise covers the assessment of solid timber and engineered wood products for use in load-bearing structures as well as fasteners and connectors for joining timber together. Hugh represents Exova BM TRADA on British Standards committees for structural timber products and sustainability in construction. He is responsible for introducing and maintaining UKAS accreditation processes to Exova BM TRADA's laboratories.

He holds a degree in Wood Science and his doctoral studies relate to the mechanical failure of wood. He has wide experience in testing of wood and wood products and has acted as an expert witness in patents cases.
Lee is Senior Technical Officer at Exova BM TRADA, working for the Central Certification Services department. Lee’s role is predominantly focused on management systems certification, managing the Exova BM TRADA quality system making sure it is functioning properly to ensure that Exova BM TRADA certification services are fit for purpose, delivered consistently and meets both internal and external accreditation requirements. Lee is experienced in devising and establishing quality procedures, tools and specifications, making sure that service delivery processes meet international and national standards and performing internal audits.
Lee is also proficient in providing technical guidance on the management systems certification process and standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Lee holds a NEBOSH General Certificate, a degree in business studies and has 15 years' experience working in the third party certification industry. 
Lewis is involved with delivering services offered by the Exova BM TRADA frameCHECK department. These services, aimed specifically at timber construction, include delivering training courses, providing on-site quality inspections and design detail advice.

In addition to timber frame construction, Lewis provides consultancy on thermal performance, thermal bridging and low energy building design as well as acoustic consultancy on building and environmental noise.
Lewis is a co-author of the Timber Frame Construction 5th Edition publication and Innovative Timber Construction as well as the Site Manager’s Pocket Guide to Timber Frame and the 3rd edition of External Timber Cladding. Lewis regularly provides talks on timber frame construction at national building exhibitions and conferences.
Nick Clifford
Nick is one of Exova BM TRADA's Technical Consultants with over 10 years' experience as a timber technologist, consultant and surveyor. Nick has advised architects, engineers, local authorities and conservation bodies, and been involved with projects at sites of historic interest.

Nick is a qualified visual strength grader, and has a particular interest in wood flooring and timber species identification.
Peter Kaczmar
Peter is Exova BM TRADA's coatings, treatments and flooring specialist and is responsible for the scientific research on wood coatings and timber treatments which have included the co-ordination of a number of National and EC research projects in woodcoatings technology.

His sphere of expertise includes the installation and maintenance of wood floors and floor systems and he is the author of three information booklets on the specification of floor seals, a best practice guide to floor preparation as well as an information booklet on installation guidance for wood flooring.

Peter has extensive site experience and is routinely engaged in consultancy and diagnostic work determining the causes of failures of coatings, flooring, cladding and joinery systems in which he is routinely engaged as Senior Consultant in legal disputes.
Phil O

Phil leads Exova BM TRADA's Timber Technology Investigations team. He specialises in the condition, performance and strength of timber in buildings and in larger structures such as bridges, permanent staging and communication towers.

Phil is experienced in establishing the causes of timber failures, for example scaffold board and tool-handle fractures, and is also able to strength grade timber beyond British Standard permissible limits.
He is an expert on timber quality and timber characteristics and has inspected timber in a wide range of applications and in many disputes.

He is also responsible for all of Exova BM TRADA's training courses on the strength grading of timber, scaffold boards and roofing battens all of which he has delivered overseas.

Richard White
Richard is Exova BM TRADA's Expert Consultancy Lead. Richard advises professionals involved in all stages of the design, specification, supply, installation and performance in service of timber and wood-based materials. He has served on several British Standards and Institute of Wood Science committees.

As Expert Consultancy Lead, Richard works predominantly in the field of construction disputes and is an experienced Expert Witness. He is a member of the Academy of Experts and a Fellow of the Institute of Wood Science.
Robin Lancashire
As a senior timber frame consultant, Robin has extensive on-site experience of timber frame buildings, in various forms at all stages of construction. His work involves him providing advice on best practice construction to all areas of the timber frame industry from architects and their clients, to main contractors and building owners.

He is also co-author of the 5th edition of the Timber Frame Construction publication book and a number of other Exova BM TRADA publications. Robin is a regular speaker at national building exhibitions and conferences.
As a Product Assessor, Simon is responsible for producing product and job specific assessments of passive fire protection products and conducting site surveys of both modern and historic buildings to assess the performance of existing fire doors. Simon also delivers presentations and training seminars on passive fire protection for different sectors of industry and has authored technical articles for fire sector publications.
Dr Vic Kearley
Dr Vic Kearley is a Principal Technical Officer at Exova involved in a wide range of topics including wood-based panels, composites, mechanical testing, product assessment and recycling/ environmental issues concerned with wood and wood-based products.

He is a structural engineer with a PhD in materials technology and more than 28 years' research and consultancy experience with Exova.