Non-conformities and how training can help

Posted on 04/06/2018

With ever increasing competition, organisations are under increasing pressure to ensure they can deliver the highest quality of product or service, and the best possible price, delivered in a safe working environment, often using ethically sourced raw materials.

 An increasing popular route to demonstrate this is through certification.

The process to achieve certification involves the business in implementing a management system to comply with the specific standard and then the verification of the effectiveness of this management system via an external audit.

During the external audit (or even during internal audit) it is possible that non-conformities are raised.  Non conformities can be helpful as they expose areas of the organisation which could work more effectively or efficiently.

Non conformities will need to be closed to maintain certification therefore it is essential for an organisation to have a plan in place that deals with corrective action to close the non-conformity. 

Root cause analysis and corrective action

Once a non conformance has been raised the first step is to identify the problem and fix any immediate impact. This can involve utilising problem solving skills; what has happened, why, who is affected and how? 

Organisations will then have to define possible solutions, assess the advantages and disadvantages of each and reach a conclusion as to the best possible route to resolve the non conformance. This may mean a small change how the business works or it could involve a more major change which will require project planning to implement properly.

Problem solving and project management training

  • Greater productivity and adherence to standards and processes
  • Improved ability to implement and realise specific goals outlined in a company's business plan
  • Your staff feel more confident in applying systems and processes and understand what to do when faced with change
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction which will increase the effectiveness of your organisation

Training whether specific to the standard or management or operational training will provide greater new business opportunities, increased profitability and stability in the throughout the organisation.

Exova BM TRADA ‘s Practical Toolkit courses cover both project management and problem solving amongst other practical skills that can enhance employee performance.

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In our latest blog, we explore how training can help address non-conformities. Once a non conformance has been raised the first step is to identify the problem and fix any immediate impact. Read our blog to find out more.