Dates for timber strength grading courses announced

Posted on 15/01/2014

BM TRADA has published a comprehensive list of dates for its 2014 timber strength grading courses.

Aimed at timber industry employees and merchants, these practical courses in visual strength grading (VSG) provide the necessary skills and understanding for grading softwood and hardwood to the required standards.

BM TRADA has more than 25 years in delivering visual strength grading courses, during which time it has built up significant expertise. All of its consultants are engaged in European Standards committees, so are always up-to-date on any changes. This means that training courses are as current as possible, delivered with an expert knowledge of current thinking.

Delegates who pass the BM TRADA timber grading course will be able to grade and assess their own stock; check and confirm that the graded timber they have purchased meets the contract; re-grade machined timber; and provide their clients with better knowledge and understanding.

Phil O’Leary, BM TRADA Section Leader, Timber Technology Investigations who runs the courses, is confident that anyone who comes on the course will see the benefits. “People who take the BM TRADA grading courses will improve their grading skills and knowledge. Being able to interpret the rules correctly means that you reduce the risk of sending out stock that is non-compliant.”

The first two softwood training courses take place between 3-7 February and 28 April to 2 May. The five-day courses combine theoretical training with practical demonstration and culminate in a formal VSG exam. BM TRADA also runs a series of refresher courses, which cover the content of days one to three in the standard softwood course – while then allowing attendees to take the formal exam. The first two dates for 2014 for this are 6-7 February and 1-2 May.

In addition, BM TRADA runs a hardwood VSG training course, delivered twice during the year. These courses cover the meanings of the strength classes, an explanation of strength grading, and the marking systems for strength graded timber. Delegates will also learn about the responsibilities of the grader. Graders will gain practical experience grading lengths of hardwood to TH1 and TH2 grades under the close supervision of BM TRADA's experienced trainers. The three-day events finish with a formal VSG exam. Dates for 2014 are: 16-18 July and 26-28 November.

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BM TRADA has published a comprehensive list of dates for its 2014 timber strength grading courses.