Important note to clients: RSPO Rules on Market Communications and Claims document

Posted on 04/09/2015

As an RSPO member, you will have also have been notified bout the launch of the new RSPO Rules on Market Communications and Claims document. You can download a copy of the new document at

There are some significant changes within the document, summarised as follows:
  1. Logo/Trademark use. Members can use the RSPO trademark (palm frond logo) for communications, subject to compliance with the Rules. Members can no longer use the RSPO corporate logo (orange letters logo), which is now reserved for use by the RSPO secretariat only. 
  2. Trademark licence. New members will be automatically granted a license to use the RSPO Trademark on consumer facing claims, subject to compliance with the Rules as well as Supply Chain Certification. Existing members will still need to apply for the trademark license separately by request.
  3. Retailers trademark. Retailers can also obtain their own RSPO trademark license, subject to compliance with the Rules.
  4. Partial Claims. Certified Members can make on-pack claims where at least 50% of the palm content is supplied through an RSPO certified supply chain as IP, SG or MB and the remaining percentage is covered by Book and Claim certificates.Negative Claims. Members shall avoid making negative claims (as defined) or denigrate RSPO and its aims. 
The transition process and how BM TRADA will support clients:
  1. The transition period started on 1 September 2015 and will run for 12 months. During this time use of the document will be voluntary although RSPO will be encouraging members to start using the RSPO trademark for all communications as soon as possible.  
  2. We are preparing an update to the RSPO Technical Bulletin that was published earlier in the year to explain the transition from the 2011  to the 2014 version of the Supply Chain Certification standard. You will be notified when this is available on the BM TRADA website.
  3. We will also be updating our popular “How to get started in RSPO certification” book. Again details of the publication date will be communicated to you in due course.    

We would re-emphasise the message from RSPO that they would like to see much greater use of the RSPO trademark going forward, both for corporate and product related communications.  

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Information for clients regarding the launch of the new RSPO Rules on Market Communication and Claims document - transition period is 1st September for 12 months.