New Q-Mark - Fire Stopping Installation

Posted on 09/06/2014

BM TRADA is to launch a new certification scheme which aims to ensure that that fire stopping solutions are being fitted correctly and to verify the competence of installation companies, while offering building owners and Responsible Persons with a certificate of installation.

The Q-Mark Scheme for Fire Stopping Installation, which will be launched at FIREX International on 17-19 June 2014, is designed to provide confidence to fire stopping installers that they are fitting products correctly; to building owners, specifiers and Responsible Persons that fire compartment lines have been properly sealed; and to fire stopping product manufacturers, that their products are being fitted correctly, in line with both their instructions and their fire test evidence.

A label will be placed next to each installation to confirm that it meets the requirements of the scheme and each will be registered with BM TRADA through their web-based database. Once this has been completed, BM TRADA will email a certificate to the person nominated by the installer, confirming details of what has been installed.

In order to become certified under the scheme, the installation company must nominate a supervisor who will take responsibility for a number of operatives. Each supervisor must demonstrate their competence to fit fire stopping products and supervise the fitting of such products through: attendance at BM TRADA’s Fire Protection in Buildings Explained seminar; completion of the scheme specific training, including an examination; completion of an on-site competence assessment at a live customer site; and inspection of work carried out by the supervisor and those under their supervision at a live customer site. A minimum of 2 site audit visits are required each year in order to remain certified under the scheme.

Fire stopping plays a critical role in maintaining the fire resistance of compartment lines within buildings. Where services, such as water, gas, electrical and communications penetrate through compartment walls it is important to ensure that the hole is appropriately sealed with a suitable fire stopping solution.

The Q-Mark scheme for Fire Stopping Installation, has been developed in response to demand from building owners, manufacturers and industry, following concerns that fire stopping products are being incorrectly installed and maintained, thus placing doubt as to whether they will work as intended in the case of a fire.

BM TRADA will be launching the scheme from stand U800 at FIREX International 2014. The stand will feature videos which will demonstrate how correctly installed fire stopping can hold back the spread of fire and smoke, as well as showing the consequences of getting it wrong. Also on show will be a full size fire door which has been subjected to a fire test.

For further information on BM TRADA’s activities and FIREX International and its Q-Mark scheme for Fire Stopping Installation, contact Ross Newman 01494 569800.
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BM TRADA launches new certification scheme to ensure that fire stopping solutions are being fitted correctly.