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BM TRADA hosts Fire Sector Summit workshop

Posted on 07/11/2014

BM TRADA is hosting a workshop at the Fire Sector Summit on 11 November to consider the role of third party certification as a means of demonstrating compliance with fire safety legislation.

The session, Certification as a means of demonstrating compliance, will consider why third party certification (TPC) of fire protection products and the personnel involved in assessing, installing and maintaining these products is not more widely specified.

Chaired by Dave Sibert of the Fire Brigades Union and led by Ross Newman from BM TRADA, the session will discuss the benefits of using TPC products and installers in protecting life safety and the fabric of a building and explore what the industry can do to encourage the widespread specification of such products.
The session will investigate if there are any parallels with other sectors, including the Secured by Design initiative spearheaded by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).  A senior representative of ACPO Secured by Design, will provide a brief introduction to the SBD scheme, explaining how ACPO has managed to bring to the fore the importance of properly tested products that are fit for purpose in reducing the level of crime; and how third party certification acts as a way of ensuring on-going quality.

Recognising that, through SBD, ACPO is making great strides towards achieving its goal of reducing crime and protecting both life and property, the workshop will seek to develop a similar type of model for the fire industry.
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BM TRADA workshop considers the role of third party certification as a means of demonstrating compliance with fire safety legislation at the Fire Sector Summit on 11 November.